ENT Update

Yesterday was the big day at the ENT ( Ears, Nose, Throat Doc). I must say I was pleasantly surprised at how well Drake! No Tears! I was very excited for this! And Avery also got to go on the little road trip, she did great as always!
We found out he does have fluid behind his ears, Surprise Surprise! He went off antibiotics 3 days ago, and already had another ear infection yesterday! Geesh! So this doctor suggested more antibiotics for another 2 weeks. Which I'm not sure how this will go, we have been on meds for almost 4 months now, as soon as he goes off of them his ear infections return with in the week. We are going to another ENT, Michael Smith, on Wed for a second opinion.
Wish us all luck!!!

Loaded w/ Options!

This snack table is one of the best investments I have ever made! It came loaded with options, such as!

1) Great Snack Table

2) Doubles as an Activity Table, Drums, Race Car Track, Car, Fort, Hiding Place for all sorts of little things........

3) And now a bench seat!

It has endless possibilities! lol

Still Miss you Everyday......

A Memory Blanket we had made from my Dad's Shirts!
Its amazing!

No words I write can ever say

How much I miss you every day.

As time goes by, the loneliness grows;

How I miss you, nobody knows!

I think of you in silence, I often speak your name,

But all I have are memories

And photos in a frame.

No one knows my sorrow, No one sees me weep,

But the love I have for you

Is in my heart to keep.

I've never stopped loving you

I'm sure I never will;

Deep inside my heart,

You are with me still.

Heartaches in this world are many

But mine is worse than any.

My heart still aches as I whisper low,

"I need you and I miss you so."

The things we feel so deeply

Are often the hardest to say,

But I just can't keep quiet any more,

So I'll tell you anyway.

There is a place in my heart

That no one else can fill;

I love you so, Dad,

And I always will.

Larry Mark Cummins

1/23/58 - 2/19/2008

Lunch Menu for 2/16/2010

2 Turkey Sticks
( Which Drake did not eat but decided to put in his hair)
( Which Drake did not eat but decided to put in his hair)
( Which Drake did not eat but decided to put in his hair)
Gold Fish
( Which Drake did not eat but TRIED to put in his hair)
( Which Drake did eat but also decided to put in his Diaper????)
I think there is a pattern....
I guess Cheerios is a healthy lunch? lol

New Blog!

Hello all my fellow Bloggers! Wanted to spread the word that I have started a new blog!
Drake's Closet
I am selling all of Drake's gently used clothes on this site! Check it out, add the blog to your page, and pass on the word!
It's out with the old, and in with the new at the Herdes Household! We need to make room for Drake's new clothes! lol!
Thanks everyone for helping me and, and don't forget to follow my new blog so other's can find it too!!!
Have a great day!