ENT Update

Yesterday was the big day at the ENT ( Ears, Nose, Throat Doc). I must say I was pleasantly surprised at how well Drake! No Tears! I was very excited for this! And Avery also got to go on the little road trip, she did great as always!
We found out he does have fluid behind his ears, Surprise Surprise! He went off antibiotics 3 days ago, and already had another ear infection yesterday! Geesh! So this doctor suggested more antibiotics for another 2 weeks. Which I'm not sure how this will go, we have been on meds for almost 4 months now, as soon as he goes off of them his ear infections return with in the week. We are going to another ENT, Michael Smith, on Wed for a second opinion.
Wish us all luck!!!


Kelly R said...

Wow, wishing you luck!! Having sick kids is no fun!

Kocher Family said...

Dr. Smith is AWESOME!!!!! good luck!